Payroll Management System: Best Payroll Process in India SANeForce

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There is a general misconception about the term payroll. It is just thought of as a simple process of adding paychecks and giving them to the staff. The reality is far away from this. Payroll includes a sum of the variable pay, IT deductions, medical insurance, allowances, PF and more.
For a business with several employees, it becomes hard to keep track of these minute things and keeping it organized at all times becomes challenging. The chances of human error are high and may lead to wrong actions. One such payroll management system is SAN eForce, which is specifically designed for the Indian market. It helps businesses manage their employees better by providing end-to-end payroll management services. Let's take a closer look at SANeForce and why it is the best payroll solution in India.
Simple and Secure

SAN Payroll, the Payroll Management Platform of SANeForce, helps in maintaining a company's employee's financial records including salary structure, bonuses, incentives, and more. If your business is spread across multiple locations and with multiple payroll processes and inconsistent tax handling, steady payroll management is crucial. With our platform any well-defined policy can be implemented. Businesses can also delegate roles, implement approval processes and do many tasks in one place.

Seamless integration with other systems

Most organization's use several software systems to manage their operations, such as human resource management, accounting, and time and attendance management. SANeForce can seamlessly integrate with these systems, ensuring that all data is accurate and up-to-date. This integration doesn't require the need for manual data entry therefore reducing the risk of errors.

Customizable Templates

Every company's policy is different. With a payroll management solution like SAN eForce, businesses will be able to create customizable salary templates and have different ones based on the hierarchy of the employee. The biggest advantage of our platform is that mandatory payroll deduction, pre-built pay structure, investments and other activities can all be handled on one, single platform.

Quick Processing

Time is essential for any business. Hence our processes are simple, fast and efficient. Some of the advantages of the best payroll management solution in India like SAN eForce are :

  • Configurable pay schedule

  • Variable pay & incentive payout

  • Loan and advance management

  • Automatic calculations like arrears

  • Exit and full and final settlement


With our payroll management system, everything is automated and transparent. Your employees need not scramble around for payroll information. They can find pay summaries and tax, loan deductions etc.., on the platform. Out-of-pocket business expenses can also be claimed by attaching the respective bills based on the businesses' reimbursement policies.

Other advantages of SANeForce

Some of the other advantages of using SANeForce are integration of Sales Force automation platform with the click of a button. A common master can be maintained for all employees. The employee attendance system helps your business manage sick leave, absences, and overtime. Get added security especially when sending data and information to a third party.

Payroll management is an essential aspect of any business, and a payroll management solution like SANeForce can help streamline the process and reduce the risk of errors for a business. SANeForce is undoubtedly the best payroll process in India. By using our payroll management solutions, your business can save time, and reduce costs, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.