Product Features

Get the best Sales Force Automation software for your business

Journey Plan Activity

Get detailed insights and reports for field teams right from sales and operations through the best Pharma Field Force Software from SANeForce .

With SANeForce, managing travel costs are simple and fully automated. Field force just has to log their Daily Call activity and monthly expense statement is generated. Our workflow automation frees up Field Force from administrative tasks so as to spend more time on activities likely to result in an increase of sales.

Application Compatibility

Track, manage, and respond to certain customer service cases on your mobile. Increase response times and nurture relationships with customers. The SANeForce Mobile application has the full access to the power of our multichannel Sales Force Automation, industry's most advanced cloud-based SFA system. Built-in capabilities include

Plan and Record Activity
Product promotion
Order management
Task Management
Expense Management
Exploring nearby customers
Activity & Campaign Management
Geo-Fencing Exploring nearby customers

Master Data Management

MDM is a discipline in which Business and Information Technology work together to ensure uniformity, accuracy and accountability of the enterprise. We help you save cost by managing all your master data like doctors, chemists, stockists, hospitals, retailers, distributors all in one place. You don't need an external Master Data.

End-to-End Workflow Automation

To optimize your processes and get the maximum value from your employees, you need an entirely integrated business automation journey. Streamlining of processes and removing repetitive manual tasks will increase efficiencies across your business. By automating workflows, get more done in less time. Design custom workflows that streamline communication and 60% of the software can be customized from your end. Save more time with automation

Doctor De-Duplication

De-Duplication Module: Unique and common doctor database maintenance across all your databases. Many of the pharma organizations mainly involve the multiple divisions presenting multiple sales force to a single doctor from their organizations.

SANeForce exactly provides the tailored software requirement and particularly de-duplication module in the SFA software. The increase in digital preference of physicians results in a simultaneous increase in the products in the market manufactured. Hence, this de-duplication of doctors has become necessary for high turnover revenue generation pharmaceutical companies.

SANeForce specifically designed this unique doctor maintenance software module so that the digital sales shoot up your productivity and engagement in the competitive market to meet up the requirements of HCPs, Physicians under various specialties. Also, the pharma market globally leverages this de-duplication module as a powerful tool.

Closed Loop Marketing & E-Detailing

E-detailing (CLM) will help you stand out from the crowd in the highly competitive world of pharmaceutical sales. E-detailing, a form of visual presentation, is used by pharmaceutical firms to explain and market their medications to doctors, allowing them to recommend them to their patients. A wide-screen monitor, such as a tablet or iPad, is typically used to store the slides containing a graphical display of the products.

  1. A higher level of user attention
  2. User Engagement Monitoring
  3. User-Friendly Approach
  4. Content Updates in a Flash
  5. Time-Saving

Insights & Analytics

An enterprise-grade solution that works across all technologies to provide real-time reporting and accurate insights to grow your company. You can only manage what you can measure. With advanced performance management features like reporting, analytics, territory management, and sales forecasting, our platform has everything you need to keep your team's performance at its peak, and have the right information and insights to make smarter business decisions.

Performance metrics are made available for Field force for self-assessment and Analysis for Managers gives them the edge for data-driven optimization. Customizable drill able productivity, sales and activity report to drive the future course of action.

Geo Fencing and Geo Tagging

Geo-fencing allows an administrator to set up triggers when a device enters or exits the boundaries defined by the administrator. The objective is to prevent the Field Force From Deviating the approved activity, the customer visit report is automatically generated and integrated with Sales Force Automation. The tracking field force is no more necessary. Field Force can also explore the "Nearby" feature which allows them to check Prospective customers like Doctors, chemist, retailers who are around his / her current location.

Offline Capability

Our offline facilities include adding contacts, reviewing and creating new notes, editing records without the need to connect to the internet. Make the Mobile application access to your team in offline mode for core activities like Daily Call Report, Expense reporting, etc. Your team can sync the data at the end of the day or whenever they can connect to the Internet. Field teams remain productive even when they're not connected with most capabilities and all current customer information fully functional offline.

Our eDetailing application ensures your team will always have the easy way of detailing even when they're offline. Handle call planning and pre-visit or pre-call analysis data access without connecting to multiple backend systems. Complete your call reporting, detailing, time-off territory, calendar management, expense reports and much more seamlessly.

RCPA - Competitor Analysis

Competitive analysis using Customer Relationship Management systems can give you a significant competitive edge and is crucial to gaining success.

  • Record competitor product movement at a Customer level with mapped chemists or retailers.
  • Add core competitor via admit panel.
  • Add a local competitor via rep to capture geographical variances
  • Enable comparison on competitor's sale trends versus your brand
  • Easy accessibility via mobile devices Assess Customer's yield against potential in the market.

Seamless Integration

A pharma reporting software helps pharmaceutical companies to integrate processes seamlessly, enabling more employee productivity with ease of access to the doctors. Our Integration pattern helps the company stay ahead of the competition by providing their clients with a plug-and-play data integration solution. Interconnection between all subsystems is part of system integration. Now with a few clicks, your sales data can be integrated from your Sales & Distribution software.

Payroll and HRMS, though different disciplines critically connect with Field Force. Eliminate duplication and empower Field force by integrating payroll. IMS Health data are also possible with our application.

Primary & Secondary Sales Management

Automates and monitors primary and secondary sales activities which include interaction between field sales reps and different sales points.

  • Mapping of sales and stock levels through ESP by API integration or excel upload
  • Download primary invoice for mapping stockiest & record secondary sales Connect sales to EPP/logistic system (customization)
  • Enter only one value-closing stock or secondary sales. Other values are calculated automatically
  • Serves as better compliance Automatic flagging of transit stocks

Order Management

Order management software that is well-structured means that sales operations are more effective and that customer service is improved. Use the Order Management function to automate secondary sales. Real-time instructions that are geo-tagged to remove manual bottlenecks. Customers may benefit from a variety of schemes and discounts.

Our mobile application allows Field Force to display digital product collateral. Order Management allows you to keep track of stock, manage schemes, returns, and cross-sell and up-sell SKUs. Field Force will capture and attach images of the in-store show as part of Visual Merchandising. The cost of a store audit will be reduced, and the face count of our own and competitor items will be identified.

Target Management

Target management has several benefits in the business process helping members of the organization identifies things that can be accomplished with simple moves. The main objective is to fix goals and objectives for Field Force. Management using this feature can save a considerable amount of time. It also acts as a sales motivation tool as targets are aligned with Incentives. Identifying and rewarding performers not only motivates it also inspires sales teams to perform better. Targets can be easily uploaded and bifurcated among territories to analyze the strength of the sales team and the performance of products across various performance streams.

Activity & Campaign Management

Campaign management plays a central role in Customer Relationship Management. The campaign process consists of planning, management and analysis. CMEs and Focused Campaigns on brands are becoming far-reaching. To get the best out of your CMEs, SAN SFE brings you a powerful CME module that allows you to Plan and executes CMEs in a structured way. Invite & Tag Physicians to Campaigns and follow-up with Physicians & Pharmacists post campaigns to track/drive ROI (higher drug quantity, increased Patient Referrals) which in turn controls the CME's cost

  • Master Data Management-common Customer Master with Segmentation
  • A Campaign conducted based on Territory, Products and Doctor-Product Mapping
  • User Hierarchy
  • Workflows

Task Management

Task management can simplify activities, improve efficiency, and allow seamless communication by focusing on delivering positive customer experiences. The Task Management feature in SANeForce will help you better manage your team's tasks by showing you what everyone has to do, what the goals are, what's on schedule, what's late, and where your process' bottlenecks are.

Create a variety of mission modes that can be delegated to your Field force with a single click. Prioritize activities and keep a close eye on patterns. Centralize your tasks by bringing them all together in one place and increasing your productivity.


At the click of a button, SANeForce puts together e-learning programs with a very detailed learning experience for participants. To assess Field Force proficiency, easily create and upload learning and development material. The same tool can be used for pitching and preparation, providing you with valuable insight into any L&D prospects in the sector without the need to invest in additional software.

The sole aim of eLearning is to ensure that your field force's aptitude is enhanced, resulting in increased revenue. eLearning is user-friendly, delivers content easily, saves money, is consistent, scalable, and efficient, and allows for fast access to new content.

Van Sales Management

Lively on-the-go mobile-based billing and handheld tracking of the ready stock sales management for direct store delivery options.

Start of Day

  • Schedule journey plan
  • Product inventory & stock updates
  • Online/Offline mode support
  • Simplistic data accessibility


  • Journey Plan & Day
  • Product Display
  • Leave & Expense Approval
  • Input & Salab Claim Approval

Van Sales Tracking

  • Sales analytics & GPS
  • Instant Pre-call analysis
  • Route optimization via Geo Tagging
  • Off-route capabilities
  • Order captures & Order summary
  • Telesales Management

Primary Order

  • Data Synchronization ability
  • Expense Details
  • Closing stock entry
  • Off-route capabilities
  • Collections & deposit entries
  • Plan future deliveries

End of Day Reports

  • Attendance & Shift Timing
  • Monthly, Day, Expense
  • Pre-call, Stock Analysis
  • Order Details
  • Brand wise summary

Distributor & Retailer Management

Impel your business by equipping the sales/field force with hyper-intelligent credentials and tracking your business with SANeForce DMS on the go with quick implementation to become the best at business. With a continuous replenishment approach, SANeForce DMS software transforms a business resource into your organization's data and digital archiving. Become quicker and more reliable, with more privacy for the information of the business.

Out-of-box quick implementation for a full end-to-end solution to channel the sales process in no time for the whole distributor network. SANeForce DMS effectively aids to remain on top of industry dynamics and concentrate on new revenue streams.

Input Management

Customers are also compensated with repeat business and new customers when you have excellent customer support, discounts, or gifts. Your Sample and Gift control is managed by SANeForce. Field Force keeps track of inventory and product movements in real-time, and signatures are recorded electronically. Field Force inventory tracking works in our system even when it is turned off, ensuring complete compliance.

One unique feature for inflow and outflow of samples & promo goods, dispatch, assign, reconcile & acknowledge inventory.

Leave Management

Using a single, efficient database, keep track of all the workers on leave. SANeForce offers the best SAN Payroll. While on the job, the employee can use our mobile app or the web to request leave and check the status of their request as well as their leave balance.

Our application can be combined with our client's leave policy to remove the work involved in leave administration. Efficient leave management addresses a number of issues by reducing time and transaction costs. Our leave management feature automates the process.

Attendance Management

Keep precise track of all your employees on leave with one single efficient database. Buy the best Pharma CRM software from SANeForce. The employee can apply for Leave using our Mobile app or Web while working in the field and get to know the status of the applied leave and also their leave balance. Our Client's leave policy can be integrated with our application to eliminate work involved in leave administration. Efficient Leave Management fulfills multiple concerns by saving time and transaction costs. Our leave management module automates

Internal Mail System

Right from outgoing mail to personal accounts, send mail with simple and hassle free automation from SANeForce. The internal mail system is used for transmission of information between the organization and organizational members. This feature enables fast response and is an effective way of sharing information, knowledge, ideas and beliefs. Field Force, after logging in, will have first access these messages before recording any activity.