Elevate efficiency of Marketing Efforts

Engaging Stakeholders with Information they need

Closed Loop Marketing Platform of SAN eForce, SAN CLM, is about having a clear and solid understanding of the efficiency of your marketing efforts. The first step of this platform is to engage with stakeholders for feedback and therefore evaluating its real impact.

The Pharmaceutical industry has taken a keen interest and wide implementation of closed loop marketing has been reinforced by the growing popularity of personal digital assistants (PDA), such as tablets. The specific advantages are personalized and meaningful dialogue, greater collaboration, end-to end solution, data analytics and adjusting approaches in real time.

Reporting and Information

Field Force can effectively capture, review and submit their daily reporting on our platform. Easy and organized access of all marketing collaterals for effective meeting with customers. Field force can also create their own presentation based on available collaterals. A complete solution for Field force using which their effective work like Daily reporting, Tour Plan, Expense, Sales and Analytics made simple.

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Better Engagement, Healthier Relationships

Closed Loop Marketing builds a two-way communication with the target audience. Empowering Field Force with such tool will align them with customers and grants an immense opportunity to plan and implement several marketing cycles for different products. Transform from mass communication to individual communication, allowing Field forces to make decisions on an individual level. Plan, Engage, analyze and get real-time feedback for a healthier relationship with customers.

Pragmatic Insights to Individualize Strategy

Pharmaceutical and Life Science companies demand personalized information delivery for the their stakeholders. For the best experience, traditional sales model like calls, face to face meetings are integrated with multi-channels like digital promotion, social media etc. Field force receive actionable insights from CLM. The latter can be extracted from reporting as well as from end-of-cycle performance indicators.

Inquire with Multi – Channel Interaction

Information needs to be transferred in no time and Field force need to be updated progressively on the current market. When the customer is in need of information our platform provides an integrated way to bring in the key professional of the company to provide it in no time. PMT, Managers and Administrators can be accessed round-the-clock.

Profiling and Targeting

Customizable Profiling formats for HCPs enables customer targeting. Pharmaceutical companies’ goals and strategies can be driven by providing quantitative and qualitative metrics. Pre-call analysis ensures all interactions and customer data are briefed and allows access for topics to be covered during the meeting.

Geo Fencing And Exploring Nearby Customers.

The location of each customer can be tagged either in one location or multiple location based on which on call reporting of Field Force can be ensured. False reporting can be avoided and the Geo Fenced area is customizable at any time. Customers that are not part of an organization’s master or the Field Force list can be added using “Nearby”

A Defined Market Segmentation

A closed-loop communication in healthcare can be run on a more individual level. CLM allows pharma companies a more accurate HCP targeting and a better-defined market segmentation. Understanding the preferences and behaviors of health care professionals permits a sharp targeting strategy defined by adapting content to every customer. Therefore, each key message hits the target and there is no irrelevant or non-informative data submitted to the physician that makes for far better communication.

Building Communication With The Audience.

CLM marketing is the way you can build two-way communication with the target audience. The scheme is quite simple: first plan activities, engage customers in a dialogue, get real-time feedback, and analyze it. The loop closes on the last stage after seeing what the customers need, CLM can immediately modify the strategy and update all the marketing materials according to customer preferences. Thus, your business can keep the information presented to your target audience always up-to-date.

Saves Time And Money

There is limited time available with healthcare professionals and patient expiry means that marketing needs to be highly efficient especially in the launch phase. It enables you to fix problems early. If your digital sales materials are well designed, you should be able to quickly assess their effectiveness in the field. That way you don’t have to wait half a year to find out whether the campaign worked or not. You'll know immediately and can start responding right away – updating the messaging and going back with new information – saving months of missed opportunity.