E-Detailing and Remote Detailing

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Achieve product detailing effectively with SANeForce’s our Closed Loop Marketing software.

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Improved Targeting
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Better Collaboration
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Increased ROI
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Better Decision-Making

Connect with the HCPs in a more effective and efficient way, whether you're in the same room or on opposite sides of the globe.

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What SAN CLM: E-Detailing
does for your business?

Detail Differently: The new era of Detailing is here! Detail your products via Tablets to the HCPs in a more personalised way.

Targeted messaging to HCP's based on their needs

Precise communication in alignment with the pre call analysis

Real time data on the time spent by HCP on each brand / service

Capture hcp's feedback and preferences brand / service wise

Reduces promotional cost

Supports access to information in an easier way

Stay focused, Build trust

Strategic planning

HCP centric approach

Dynamic interface

Execute customised engagements

Gather actionable insights

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Always accessible, Updated!

Tailor and segregate

Real time data tracking

Content storage and updation

Content distribution

Upload with ease


Discover how Shalina Healthcare achieved

Cost-effective management of all processes in a single, powerful software.

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Remote detailing simply refers to virtual meeting between a salesforce and an HCP

They can now communicate'remotely' thanks to technology. HCPs are received an invitation to join a meeting remotely, examine an E-Detailing presentation on their preferred device, and connect remotely from anywhere in the world.

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Engage remotely and drive sales effectively
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Connect with the HCPs based on their timings
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Reduced Cost; Increased ROI
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Better Engagement and Interaction Rate
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Over come geo-graphical barriers
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Attention Admins/Managers

Boost your sales team's efficiency by crafting interactive presentations, videos, & images. Eliminate the need for physical brochures, saving both time and costs.

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Establish meaningful connections with your HCPs through personalised content tailored to their specialty and requirements, instantly improving your interaction rates.

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Experience the convenience of connecting with MRs anytime, anywhere. Save your time & deliver feedback effortlessly.