How integration of pharma software with other software helps organization

Pharma Software
In this fast-paced era, the integration of various software systems has become crucial for the efficient functioning of organisations. The pharmaceutical industry, in particular, has seen a significant shift towards integrating pharma software with other software to streamline operations and maximise productivity.
One such example of cutting-edge pharma software is Pharma SFA (Sales Force Automation) - a comprehensive MR Reporting software solution designed to automate and streamline the sales and marketing processes of pharma companies.
In this blog, we will explore how the integration of pharma software with other software can benefit organisations, with a special focus on SAN Pharma SFA.
SAN Pharma SFA

One of the leading pharma software solutions in the market is SAN Pharma SFA, a comprehensive and configurable MR software designed specifically for pharma business. SAN Pharma SFA offers a wide range of features, including workflow automation, order management, sales tracking, reporting, analytics, and more. However, the real power of SAN Pharma SFA lies in its ability to integrate seamlessly with other software applications used by pharma organisations.


Integration of pharma software with other software applications can greatly enhance the efficiency and productivity of pharmaceutical organisations.

One of the key benefits of integration is the elimination of redundant data entry and manual processes. For example, by integrating SAN Pharma SFA with HR and Payroll software, medical reps can automatically sync their attendance, expenses, reimbursement and claims, etc. This not only saves time but also minimises the chances of errors and improves data accuracy.

Another advantage of integrating pharma software with other software applications is improved visibility and analytics. By integrating SAN Pharma SFA with data analytics tools or business intelligence (BI) software, organisations can gain deeper insights into their sales performance, market trends, and customer behaviour. This helps in making data-driven decisions, identifying growth opportunities, and optimising sales strategies. Additionally, integration can enable real-time data updates, allowing organisations to respond quickly to changing market conditions and make timely adjustments to their sales strategies.

Furthermore, integration can also improve collaboration and communication within the organisation. By integrating pharma software with communication and collaboration tools, such as email, calendar, and messaging applications, medical reps and other stakeholders can easily share information, collaborate on tasks, and stay updated on important events and deadlines. This promotes teamwork, reduces communication gaps, and improves overall organisational efficiency.

SAN Pharma SFA offers various types of integration with other software applications to cater to the specific needs of pharmaceutical organisations. It includes:

  • Accounting and Declaration Integration done in Projen, CBO, Csquare

  • Reports & Analytics Integration done in Power BI, tableau, Wrike and other tools

  • HR and Payroll Integration with 2GrowHR and other HR and payroll softwares

  • 3rd Party Software Integration

  • Communication Channels - SMS, Whatsapp, Zoom, Teams and others.

Integration of pharma software with other software applications can greatly benefit pharma organisations in terms of efficiency, productivity, visibility, compliance, and collaboration.

SAN Pharma SFA, with its robust integration capabilities, offers pharma companies a comprehensive and configurable solution to streamline their sales operations. By integrating SAN Pharma SFA with other software applications, organisations can optimise their operations, enhance decision-making, and achieve a competitive edge in the dynamic pharmaceutical industry.

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