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Company Structure & Information
Shift & Onduty
Attendance by GPS
Holiday & Leave Module
Leave Policy Configurations
Custom Salary Templates
Dynamic Salary Components
Payroll & Compliance Module
Taxation & Investment
Loan & Salary Advance
Schedule Payrun
Automatic Payroll Calculation
Assest Management
Integrate with Accounting Software
Integrate with HR Software
Integrate with SFA
Customisable Dashboard

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Simple, Secure and Steadfast Payroll

Payroll Management Platform of SAN eForce, SAN Payroll, aids in administering a company’s employee’s financial records. This would include salary structure, bonuses, incentives, deductions and investments. With Field force spread across multiple locations, multiple payroll processes and inconsistent tax handling, a steady Payroll Management is more than essential. Any well-defined policy from the management can be implemented with our platform. Assign responsibility, delegate roles, Implement approval process and do it all in one place.

Configurable Salary templates

Get the ability to customize salary templates based on a company’s policy. A company can have multiple salary templates for multiple hierarchies. Voluntary and mandatory payroll deduction, Pre- built pay structure, Investements and submission of proofs are all managed in one platform.

Effortless Processing

  • Configurable pay schedule
  • Variable pay & incentive payout
  • Loan and advance management
  • Automatic calculations like arrears
  • Exit and full and final settlement

Statutory and MIS Reports on a single click

All statutory reports for the purpose of PF, ESI and PT are available with a single click. Predefined MIS reports and also custom made reports made available. With all information available answer any query from Field force.

Employee Self-Service

Employees need not look look around for payroll information. Pay summaries, tax summaries, notifications, loan deductions and much more are available under one roof. Out-of-pocket business expenses can be reclaimed by attaching appropriate bills based on organisationprovisioned reimbursements.

Integration of Sales Force Automation Platform

Integrate the Sales Force Automation platform, SAN Pharma SFE, with the payroll platform in a click of a button. A common master shall be maintained for employees using which attendance can be calculated. LOP, expense and other payments, if any, can be integrated so that a company can have complete access of all out-bound payments with regard to employees.

Employee Attendance system

With SAN eForce's employee attendance system, your business gets a super easy and cost-effective way to manage sick leave, absences, and overtime. At a glance, you can see how long employees are away for, whether they should be at work, what type of leave they are currently on, how much leave they are entitled to etc. It makes planning a lot easier. By taking control of payroll yourself, there is great potential to save money, especially once you can use the software quickly and efficiently.

Get Added Security

By managing payroll with SANeForce payroll software, a company removes the uncertainty that comes with the sending of private employee information to a third party. You will still need to consider the security of your own IT systems, however, although you can be safe in the knowledge knowing that a good payroll solution will accord with the highest IT security standards.

Avoid Making Mistakes

It is easy to make mistakes when you manage aspects of payroll manually, but with the right payroll management Software from SANeForce it becomes much more difficult to make such mistakes. Comprehensive validation procedures and elaborate checks stop you from entering the wrong information necessarily.