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Grow your business with Automation

SAN eForce offers all aspects of Sales Force Automation and Retail Execution with unique functionality for the FMCG industry. Our solution offers in gaining a significant competitive edge and leads to an increase in sales. It also has an immense impact on the daily sales operation of the company Field Force. Our platform allows immense configurability to facilitate Sales Force Automation across industry verticals.

Online attendance, precise management

Field force can mark their daily attendance on a real-time basis on their Mobile devices. Our platform has the ability to transform the pattern in which the attendance is recorded. Leave management module will manage the Fieldforce with configurable leave options. Managers can instantly take action for any requests and have access to detailed attendance reports.

Capture the travel plan of field force

The travel plan of the Field force for the upcoming month can be submitted to the platform. Integration of Tour Plan system with the policy of the organization is key. Tour plan based on beats with or without Geo location is an integral part of the system. Various Activity reports are generated based on these for the Management to make informed decisions.

Reporting on-the-go, rather effectively

Field Force can focus more on selling and less on reporting using our Mobile Application. Activity, Resource and Sales data necessary for the Field Force will be available in one application. Self-analysis and Team Analysis made easy which tends to be crucial for sustainable growth. Offline reporting is a key feature using which Field force can update all their activity, even when there is no Internet yet data will sync automatically whenever it is online.

Centralize expense management

The expense of Field Force is completely auto-generated based on the Daily Reporting for each day of the month. The various factors that are taken into account are the number of territories, territory type, and tour plan for the month, Standard Fare Chart as per norms of each organization. Hierarchy based approval system; miscellaneous expenses, Daily expenses and any other kind of expense can be provisioned in the system if and when needed.

Analytics at your fingertips

Analyze data of your business in one place and make effective decision. Few of the analysis available are

  • Attendance Report
  • DCR View Report
  • DSR Monitoring Report
  • Field Force Call tracking
  • SKU Analysis
  • New Outlet Sales Report
  • Employee Performance Report

Field force real-time tracking

The real-time location of Field Force can be tracked based on Geo location. This feature enables an increase in productivity of the Field Force. This is feature isn't compulsory and it is entirely up to the company' policy.

Get precise inventory management

FMCG companies need to supply their goods to many destinations. Predicting when the demand will rise for goods and services helps them to predict and automatically place orders for raw materials in stock for their inventories. Salesforce automation by SAN eForce can easily predict and place orders as well as automate payments for raw materials so that the inventory stocks of the companies do not get exhausted. After procuring the raw materials, FMCGs can easily automate their systems by ordering for the manufacturing of products that the companies need to fulfill the demand for. It helps so that FMCG companies can meet the consumer demands and thus satisfy the consumer directly.

Organize with Territory Management

One of the most expensive human resource investments in a company is the sales department. To increase productivity from a sales force, we integrate Sales Force Automation systems to organize the sales team into manageable units that cover a target market area. SFA simplifies the process for you by allowing you to create multiple territory models, previews before rollout while giving you the freedom to balance and optimize the territories after implementation. The SFA packs a great repertoire of tweaked features that are designed to meet all your business needs and ensure you stay on top of your game.

Automated Customer feedback and reviews

Companies can integrate customer feedback and complaints. We use this for improving the product quality in order to meet the expectations of the customers. If a proper automation system is not implemented for FMCG companies, then it can be a nightmare to tackle, solve and resolve complaints from the customers simply because of the sheer number of customers that are present and providing the same feedback. At SAN eForce, we implement automation to take corrective action into account and troubleshoot situations by taking into action the corrective steps for improving the product quality and implementing the customer feedback on the products respectively.