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SANeSFA Key Objectives
SANeSFA Reports
    This system is proposed for online reporting for every field force to his higher authority and online approval of Tour Plan / Standard Daywise Plan “SDP” Plan / Expenses Report. Automating Sales Analysis based on the Daily Call / Monthly Sales report by territory / Field Force wise.

1.  Daily Calls Report
   Customer profile Survey Updations
   Competitor Management Analysis
   Customer Product Promotions
   Qty wise POB-Chemist&Stockistwise
   Customer Support Matrix
2.  Tour Plan(TP)
   Daywise Master TP Preparation
   Monthly TP Approval & TP Deviation
   TP based Daily Calls Report
3.  Internal Email
   Automatic Missed Calls-Alert(S)
   TP Deviation - Auto Message
   Territory Missed Coverage - Alert(S)
   Single Click Mail to All/MR/Manager
4.  Sample and Gift Management
   Sample Status Field Force wise
   Sample Vs Sales
   periodical Gift Distribution
5.  Expense Management
   Auto Expense Calculation
   Sales Incentive Process
6.  Forum Management
   Post Your Success Stories,HR Polices
   Scientific Information and FAQ
7.  Service/Sponsor Management
   Customer Service Wise Sales Track
   Region Wise Service Track
8.  Campaign Management
   Campaign Customer Visits and Sales
   Campaign Customer Sample&Gift Status
9.  Primary&Secondary Sales "P&S"
   Primary Vs Secondary Sales Analysis
   Manager Cumulative Sales P&S
   Sales Graphs
10. Target Management
   Target Vs Sales (Qty & Valuewise)
   Manager Cumulative Target & Achievement
   Analysis of MR effort with respect to orders and deviations
11. Task Management
   Assign the Tasks to Field Force
   Pending Tasks Track
   Evaluate the Tasks
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  Working with SANeFORCE.com has been an absolute delight. Their product SAN eSFA is of impeccable quality and that’s coupled with the team's meticulous handling of our requirements...  


General Manager,
Vasu Healthcare Ltd, Vadodara