How To Retain Doctor Business With Your Company

Doctors take a crucial role in the sale of your products. They are those who hold the power to either grow YOUR business or that of YOUR COMPETITOR. But like everyone, they are human and there are ways you can win them over. So what can you do to get them on your side? Find out below with some tips.

Pharma Tutor states: Global pharma marketing attrition rate is 10-12% per annum, the rate of employees who leave the organization in India is 25 -30 %. Conludes with attrition is more prevalent among pharmaceutical industry.

The First Impression

As is the case with establishing a relationship with any individual or organization, first impressions play a pivotal role in deciding how the remainder of the relationship is going to go. Your medical representatives are the face of your company and it is necessary that the first contact with the doctor is well planned.

E-Learning Module - Knowledge about your company and products

What makes any sales person good is the knowledge about the product he is selling. So your medical representatives should be ready to answer any questions that the doctor may ask. Lack of adequate knowledge about the product on the part of the medical rep will lead to loss of confidence by the doctor on the MR and by extension, on the company. The doctor will not prescribe your product without being completely informed about it.

Coaching & Joint Work Module - Slow And Steady

A doctor cannot be convinced to recommend a product in the first meet. And that is not what you are aiming for. You want the doctor to become an ambassador for your brand. With time and trust gained after successful results from earlier prescriptions, the doctor will not just prescribe your products as a form of a trial, but have genuine confidence in them which will go a long way in retaining and growing your business.

Connect And Follow Up

In order to establish a doctor as a reliable business generator and not just a prospective lead, your medical representatives need to bond with the doctors. That is why this is a job for the extroverted. Your medical representatives should establish a healthy relationship with the doctors by connecting with them as an individual. Regular meetings and discussion will not only give your MRs enough time to introduce and share knowledge about your products but also give them an opportunity to build a professional relationship.

Look Fancy with compatible devices

As the face of your company, any individual that comes in contact with the doctors must look their best and carry material that will raise the brand image. This creates a positive opinion about the brand of the company in the perspective of the doctor. You can also invest in e-detailing applications like the one we offer at SANeForce. Carrying a high end gadget containing slides about the product is a great way of brand building and promoting your products at the same time.

Input Management

Everyone likes gifts, and with the diverse range of holidays and celebrations, there are plenty of opportunities to meet and wish the doctors while presenting them with gifts. Even small gifts at the beginning will do. The gifts can be anything from a paper-weight to medical equipments. Also never forget to wish the doctors on their birthdays and anniversaries. Everyone feels good when they are wishing for their special day. All these are carried into the Input Management Module.

Ask Feedback with capturing HCP's behaviour

After you have convinced the doctor to prescribe you medicines to his patients, gather feedback from him on how effective the medicines were for the patients, or if he had gotten any direct feedback from them. Along with getting valuable information about the response to your products, this also helps in connecting with doctors, where you show you are not just interested in the sales you are making but also interested in the well being of the patients. This helps in creating a bond of trust and genuine.